The Gullah People


Gullah people in South Carolina 1790Along the coasts of South Carolina and Northern Georgia lie a cluster of islands called ‘The Sea Islands’. The natives of these islands, ‘The Gullah’, in South Carolina and ‘The Geechee’, in Northern Georgia, share a distinct language and culture whose traditions and beliefs came from Africa. There is speculation that the term “Gullah” is an indicator of the port of origin from which the enslaved ancestors of the Gullah may have been stolen as “Angola” or, more precisely, “N’gullah”, as it would have been pronounced in Africa. There is also speculation that the term “Gullah”, later came to mean anyone recently stolen from Africa who had just arrived.

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Descendants of enslaved Africans from South Carolina and Georgia, the Gullah have preserved much of their African linguistic and cultural heritage. They speak an English-based with African words and influences. Gullah storytelling, cuisine, music, folk beliefs, crafts, farming and fishing traditions all exhibit strong influences from West and Central African cultures.